2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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the ABUNDANT lover

I find the topic “SCARCITY vs. ABUNDANCE” intriguing to say the least!

What is scarcity in your love life? It’s all that is diminishing, poor, and fretful.

.You don’t see yourself as the wonderful person that you are.

You don’t relate with yourself too well.

You are afraid to let go, you are afraid to give, you are simply afraid.

You let negative emotions take over, which result in complaints, frustration, becoming too sensitive, critical, in denial, seeking revenge and whatnot!

It’s not an appealing place to live in.

What is abundance in love life? It’s all that is vital, dynamic, passionate, happy, inspiring, sexy, juicy, attractive, confident and more!

You see yourself as the wonderful person that you are, and you see and value all that is beautiful and great shutterstock_34411321about others as well.

You relate with yourself well.

You love life, people, and yourself. You enjoy nature. You show appreciation and gratitude every day in thousands of different ways, because you overflow with a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

Though you are aware of life’s many challenges, you know you can handle them. You know that obstacles are opportunities in disguise where you can grow, learn, and even create.

You love life, and you live the life you love, as an ABUNDANT lover!


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ImageThere is something that surpasses magic and wonder in loving you, it’s love itself!

I know I can count on you, in the good and the bad, in the beautiful and the ugly.

When we are together it’s as if we own a special dimension where only you and I are as one.

Even when we have to part, i can still feel your presence and that is something that no one else can take away from me.

You surprise me. You amaze me. Loving you is a new journey every day. You lead me to discover new things, you unveil a new gift, or a new mistery every single time.

When I feel depleted as if there is not one more drop of love I can share, you come in with a smile on your face, and suddenly I feel I have everything I need and more.

In loving you, I find you in ways I didn’t know. In loving you, I keep finding myself.

In loving you, I discover new dreams, new hope, new ideas. And with you by my side, I know I can reach out for them and make them happen.

I just love loving you!


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Meeting Registration: BECOME A “WINNER COACH” | AnyMeeting – The Completely Free Web Conferencing and Meeting Service

Meeting Registration: BECOME A “WINNER COACH” | AnyMeeting – The Completely Free Web Conferencing and Meeting Service.


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Isn’t Christmas season beautiful?

It definetely is for me! I love Christmas, Christmas music and songs, Christmas warmth inside while outside is crispy and cold, Christmas beauty in celebrating Love with those by my side!couple

For me, Christmas is also about finding time to re-connect with myself, to take a good look at the past year, and all that it has brought in my life. It’s a great time to then look into my future, see where I stand and what I want to accomplish.

Because I find this time extremely valuable to build and strengthen New Year Resolutions, I came out with a new program focused on finding and developing beauty from within. It’s like being in an Emotional Spa where it’s possible to massage your spirit, find alignment and harmony, and get yourself ready for a great new year!

This program is meant to:

  • provide you with a personal “retreat” of mind, body and soul
  • replace tension with new-found energy and passion
  • give you an INSTANT REPAIR CARE (yourr inner beauty kit for ongoing, visible benefits!)
  • extreme personal wellness for extreme rewards
  • invest on yourself to be at your best, now and always!
  • help you discover what’s standing in the way of you being fully attractive
  • support you with love-saving skills and strategies

for more info CLICK HERE!


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beautiful YOU & ME!

Are you struggling to bring magic in your relationship, or are you thriving in a beautiful, passionate and fullfilling love life?

Take the time to fill up this brief survey and grab the powerful “BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS WHEEL” .

You can discover:

  • where you are in your love life
  • what would it look like if it was very,very beautiful!
  • what is missing
  • what is possible for you
  • how you can make things happen in order to live and love beautifully!




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beautiful YOU!

While running through my notes as I get ready for my next upcoming seminar on “Beautiful! Inside – Out” I can’t help but think on a woman I got to know a few years ago, Samantha. When I met her she was in her late fifties, still a beautiful lady, yet with a countenance that expressed sadness and remorse.

She took me to see her luxurious villa overlooking green fields and flowers. Her walls were filled with spectacular shots and portraits of her younger years, as she used to pose for advertisemts or in fashion fairs.

Samantha told me different stories about her frantic travelling, modelling, partying around. She was well-know and she thoroughly enjoyed the attention and glamour of it all.

As we were talking, she looked at me straight in the eyes and told me: ” If I could turn back my time, I would give it all away to be a mom. Now it’s too late for that, and I can’t forgive myself for not even considering it before!”

I felt an unstoppable desire to hug and comfort her. So I did. I told her that she was a beautiful person and that she could still find meaning and purpose in her life now.

Yet the intensity of her pain is something that I can’t forget. It gave me some food for thought on beauty, and what is it all about.

Since I am developing a program on this topic, I’d gladly receive any comment or any of your personal reflection or experience, that could be interesting to explore.

You can write a commente below or send it to:

Meanwhile, make sure that you treasure and value who you are, and take care of beautiful YOU! The world needs you!



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